Resources and Environmental Sustainability

These are the learning outcomes for this unit (and a great way to study – if you can explain the following, you can do well on an assessment):

F1 Assess the various considerations involved in resource management, including:
+ sustainability
+ availability
+ social/cultural consequences
+ economic consequences
+ political consequences
F2 Assess the environmental impact of human activities, including:
+ energy production and use
+ forestry
+ fishing
+ waste disposal
+ water use

Fossil Fuels – Part 1 Coaldownload (1).jpg





Energy Sources Assignment – Assessment

Geographic Thinking – Energy Development

Geographic Thinking – “7 Stars” Geographic Inquiry Rubric

Good Things

Geographic Thinking:

Contacting Indigenous Tribes – Guiding Questions


Unit Assignment:

Design a Sustainable City Project

Sustainable Cities – Is Vancouver Sustainable?

Vancouver wants to become “the greenest city in the world by 2020: