These are the learning outcomes for this unit (and a great way to study – if you can explain the following, you can do well on an assessment):

E1 Outline characteristics of the Earth’s biomes, including:
+ tropical rainforest
+ tropical grasslands/savanna
+ Mediterranean/schlerophyll
+ desert
+ temperate grasslands/prairie/steppe
+ deciduous/mixed forest
+ temperate rainforest
+ coniferous forest/boreal/taiga
+ tundra
E2 Describe how vegetation adapts to environmental conditions
E3 Relate soil types to biomes
E4 Analyze the interactions between human activity and biomes, with reference to:
+ deforestation
+ desertification
+ soil degradation
+ species depletion

The Biosphere:

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The Biosphere as a system

Structures of Ecosystems

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