Unit 2

In the beginning (of European settlement) …

Who came to Canada? Why?

How was Canada organized? Where did people decide to settle and why ?

What would sources of potential conflict be ?

Pre-New France Time Line and Questions

Why beavers?

The Colonists, Land and Government:

Upper and Lower Canada:

upper and lower canada.jpg

Chapter 2 Notes (powerpoint)

Chapter 2 Student Notes

Unit 2 Vocabulary

Lord Durhams Report and Act of Union

The Rebellions of 1837

William Lyon Mackensie

Which do you believe ?

History is made by “great (hu)men”  or, “history from below” – great (hu)men are products of their societies and circumstances.

Chapter 2 Review_

Building a Nation:

The Victorian Era:

The Province of Canada – 1841

Victorian Era Jeopardy

Chapter 3 Power point

Chapter 3 Student Notes

The Promise of Better Government




Social Studies 10 Midterm Outline