Geographic Thinking

These are the learning outcomes for this unit (and a great way to study – if you can explain the following, you can do well on an assessment).

A1 Explain the following five themes of geography:
+ location
+ place
+ movement
+ regions
+ human and environment interaction
A3 Demonstrate geographic literacy through
+ analysis of geographic data or information to assess reliability and identify trends and relationships
+ interpretation of topographic maps and aerial and satellite images
+ description of the role of geography as a discipline
A4 Apply effective written, oral, and graphic communication skills to geography topics
A5 Describe the geographic applications of current information and imaging technologies

Class Materials:

5 themes geography – Reading with more in-depth explanations and examples

5 Themes of Geography – powerpoint used in class

5 Themes of Geography Photo Assignment


Geographic Thinking

Case Study_ The Babushkas of Chernobyl

Transmountain Pipeline – Written Documents

Trans Mountain Pipeline – Interactive Website


Introduction to Maps

Topographic Mapping


Formal and Functional Regions in Canada – Assignment DUE THURSDAY


Human Migration

UNIT TEST – OCTOBER 1: Unit 1 Test_ Outline_ Geography 12