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This is a great resource for students looking to learn about a country they have been assigned in Model UN. Click on a country to find helpful links for filling out country profile information.

How do I find my country on the Model United Nations Research Map?

  1. Click on the symbol in the top left hand corner of the map next to “Country Profile World Map” opening up a sidebar
  2. Click on the arrow “∨” under “Country Profile Map” to the left of “all items”
  3. A list of Member States will appear in alphabetical order
  4. Press “ctrl+f” and type in your country or scroll down the list to find your country

Best Delegate Resources – Resources to prepare for conferences ie. What do I wear? What do I say?

CIA World Factbook – Essential information about your country

UN Member States On the Record – Statements that countries have made to the UN General Assembly, Economic and Social Council and Security Council

BBC History: Search for your country to find out important events in the past. This will help to understand why your country may have the policies that it does.

IMUNA Country Profiles: The International Model United Nations Association facts and resources.

Country Profile Questions – Can you answer these questions about your country? (You should be able to !)


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