Chapter 6,7,8 – The Cold War

Cold War Homework

Post WWII – Cold War Power point

Primary Sources: What can we learn about life in the 1950’s ?

The DEW Line:

Igor Gouzenko interview on “This Hour has 7 Days”

The Role of NATO today – President Trump and Nato, article from The Independent

The Suez Crisis – Interactive Website

Nuclear Weapons, Cuba and Canada – For “The Cuban Missile Crisis” and “Nuclear Weapons in Canada” questions

The Vietnam War – Powerpoint on the Vietnam War

Canada as “Best Supporting Actor” – What does it mean to be a Middle Power country? Opinion article from the Toronto Star

The 70s and 80s – Powerpoint on Trudeau 1, the end of the Cold War, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and NAFTA

Life After NAFTA ? What happens if the NAFTA treaty is dissolved?


1. What could happen to Canada? Mexico? the USA ?

2. Do you think it will be dissolved ? Why or why not?

Crash Course History: The end of the Cold War:

The Cold War: Summary

The Cold War in Asia: