Canadian Politics

Class Notes and Homework:

Citizens Affecting Change – Powerpoint on Canada’s system of government

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Structure of Canadian Democracy – Reading Questions

Canadian government and the political spectrum in Canada

Assignments and Activities:

Political Party Assignment:

I Side With: Political Spectrum Assignment

Political Party Assignment: Using the results from your Political Spectrum Assignment, in groups of less than 5, create your own political platform for Bodwell.

Political Issues in Canada: Unit Assignment

Canadians and their Democracy: Presentation on Canadian political issues

Political Issues in Canada: Individually or in a pair, create a handout to explain a political issue in Canada.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: How does the charter affect Canadians? What are your rights and responsibilities with Canadian citizenship?

Tug of War:


Religious freedom in school

Gurbaj Singh Multani was an orthodox Sikh student who believed that his religion required him to wear a kirpan at all times, including at school. A kirpan is a religious object worn by people of Sikh faith that looks like a dagger. Multani and his parents agreed with the school board’s request that he seal the kirpan in his clothing at all times while wearing it at school. However, the school board’s council of commissioners told Multani that he could not wear the kirpan to school even if it was sealed in his clothing because bringing dangerous objects to school violated the school’s code of conduct.

The Supreme Court found that the council’s decision infringed Multani’s freedom of religion. Multani sincerely believed that his Sikh faith required him to wear the kirpan and the prohibition on wearing it would have prevented him from attending public school altogether. The school board had not justified that a full ban on wearing kirpans in school was a reasonable limit on freedom of religion. There had never been a violent incident involving a kirpan at school and there was no evidence that the kirpan itself was a symbol of violence. The Court’s decision provides important guidance on the relationship between religious freedom, multiculturalism and public education in Canada.  A total ban on wearing kirpans in schools ignores the importance of respect for minorities and religious tolerance in Canada’s multicultural society.

What is a kirpan ? 

How Canadian politics are organized: 

Elections and Bills: How are bills passed through parliament? How are people elected to parliament? Graphic organizer


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

How Canadian Elections Work:

The Problem with First Past the Post:

Proroguing of Parliament:

Article: GG agrees to suspend Parliament until January

Easy Review Jeopardy !