Canadian Politics

Class Notes and Homework:

Citizens Affecting Change – Powerpoint on Canada’s system of government

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Structure of Canadian Democracy – Reading Questions

Canadian government and the political spectrum in Canada

Assignments and Activities:

Political Party Assignment:

I Side With: Political Spectrum Assignment

Political Party Assignment: Using the results from your Political Spectrum Assignment, in groups of less than 5, create your own political platform for Bodwell.

Political Issues in Canada: Unit Assignment

Canadians and their Democracy: Presentation on Canadian political issues

Political Issues in Canada: Individually or in a pair, create a handout to explain a political issue in Canada.

How Canadian politics are organized: 

Elections and Bills: How are bills passed through parliament? How are people elected to parliament? Graphic organizer


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

How Canadian Elections Work:

The Problem with First Past the Post:

Proroguing of Parliament:

Article: GG agrees to suspend Parliament until January