Unit 2

UNIT TEST – THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th –> Unit 2 Test Outline


Overview Handout – MAIN causes of WW1

Canada WW1 Scrapbook – For Friday, January 25th Assignment

Canada WW1 Scrapbook Handout – Life in the Trenches_ Canadian Scrapbook

The MAIN causes of WW1 – Powerpoint presentation

WW1 Chain Reaction) – Powerpoint  presentation

Canadas Response to War – Powerpoint presentation

Ordeal by Fire – Canada: A People’s History documentary

Ordeal by Fire – Not Going to War questions – Questions about the documentary

WW1 Warfare – Powerpoint Presentation

Life in a Trench

Land Battles important to Canada – link

ww1 land battles handout


The Conscription Crisis:

Student Jigsaw notes the conscription crisis

Jigsaw notes the conscription crisis (answer key)

Go Out and Meet Death Bravely – video from “Canada: A People’s History

Conscription 1917 – Website, the Canadian War Museum – good primary and secondary source material.

A Broken Promise – Conscription Assignment

Broken Promise Rubric – Complete before you hand in your assignment

The Role of Women in WW1 – Video: More of a British focus, but can be applied to the British Empire

Conscription political cartoons

The War at Home:

Homefront Images Assignment

Homefront Images WW1

The End of WWI:

The End of WW I – Questions

The Aftermath of WWI:

Crash Course History – World War 1 – Video: A good summary of World War 1 (but very fast!)

World War 1 Oversimplified: An oversimplified version of WWI

End of WW1 – Post War Canada – Powerpoint notes about Canada and the end of WW1

End of WWI – Post War Canada – Student notes

Map Analysis – Europe before and after WWI